Joel Herd

Lima, OH

“I think the FORTIX I put on corn worked as well, if not better, than the Headline that I used on a field across the road. I don’t have a yield monitor, but according to the scales on the grain cart, there were places the FORTIX field averaged around five bushels per acre better than the Headline and 15 to 20 bushels better than the untreated fields.

The nicest thing about the FORTIX was the flexibility. I put it on anywhere from the V5 stage on up. The corn treated with FORTIX was also drier at harvest than the untreated corn. I was more impressed with that than I was the yield difference. I think the plants just stayed healthier and dried down a little better in the field. The moisture on the FORTIX fields ran 17 percent, while the untreated fields were around 19 percent.”